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Kashmiri music reflects the rich musical heritage and cultural legacy of the Jammu & Kashmir region in India. Traditionally the music composed by ethnic Kashmiris has a wide range of musical influences in composition.  Due to Kashmir’s close proximity to Central Asia, Eastern Asia and Southern Asia, a unique blend of music has evolved encompassing the music of the three regions. But, overall, Kashmiri Valley music is closer to Central Asian music, using traditional Central Asian instruments and musical scales,  while music from Jammu is similar to that of North India and Ladakhi music is similar to the music of Tibet.


Chakri is one of the most popular types of folk music played in Jammu & Kashmir. Chakri is played with musical instruments like the harmonium, the rubab, the sarangi and the nout. Chakri was also used to tell stories like fairy tales or famous love stories such as Yousuf-Zulaikha, Laila-Majnun, etc.

Rouf or Wanwun

Rouf is a traditional dance form usually performed by boys on certain important occasions like Eid, marriage and other functions. Rouf includes.


Ladishah is one of the most important parts of the Kashmiri music tradition. Ladishah is a sarcastic form of singing. The songs are sung resonating to the present social and political conditions and are utterly humorous. The singers move from village to village performing generally during the harvesting period. The songs are composed on the spot on issues relating to that village, be it cultural, social or political.


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